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Some nice words from Woody's newsletter from Stumpys Blues Bar

Got Coffee?.....Got Cream?....How 'bout some Disraeli it is not the name of a transmission used by a former British Prime Minister...(boy I am waaaay out there today) back with me to 1967. OK forget that....Does the term POWER TRIO bring anything to mind?? How about the name Jack Bruce?? Ginger Baker...Eric Clapton?? ahhhh ok I saw a couple of heads nod out there on that one...the greatest album produced by the greatest power trio..ever...Disraeli Gears....Cream...Jack, Ginger, and Eric. DG lived again on our little Lower West Division stage this past Saturday really like The Nosmo Kings. Remember 8 Track Tapes?? I had to order Disraeli Gears was not "in store" may quote me one more time...DG...The Single Greatest Album ever produced by the greatest Power Trio EVER....Our Nosmo Kings know Cream...Saturday...We had Cream for our well as Stubby, Phillip, and Todd.

R.I.P. Woody

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